How to Fix my Crooked Smile and Make It Go Higher? (photo)

I have always hated my crooked smile and want it to go upwards and show more teeth. What would be my options for this? I know I could get veneers but this wouldn't fix the fact that my smile doesn't go upwards. Would I have to get botox? If so would it be a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic dentist administering it?

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It would border on irresponsible to give a detailed answer based on this photo.  If you could post a closer photo of your smile with better focus, I would feel more comfortable responding to the specifics of your question.  I can say, however, that Botox would NOT be indicated for your application.  In fact, it would be used to help resolve a "gummy" smile - the opposite of your situation.  Another possible consideration would be crown lengthening and/or veneers that would open your bite a little to allow for the teeth to be longer.  But this must be done within the range of what's comfortable for your bite, facial muscles and jaw joints.  Seek a dentist with lots of experience and knowledge in occlusion.

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Orthodontics or invisalign would correct crooked smile but

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It seems that you want to show more teeth. For this you would need your upper lip to go up further when you smile. Unfortunately this cannot be corrected. This is dictated by your facial muscles. You upper lip simply does not have enough mobility to show all the teeth.

Botox would be the last thing you would want to do because it would make you lip less mobile.

You can straighten the teeth with braces or invisalign and it will improve the smile. It may also be possible to lengthen the teeth with veneers but I do not think you need it. If you want to see what it would look like, you can ask your dentist to do a temporary composite mock-up with bonding material and take pictures of your smile with it. This can be taken off without affecting the teeth.

Good luck

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Fixing crooked smile

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It is difficult to tell precisely what is going on from this picture alone.  I see that the way your lips frame your smile is extremely attractive.  Does this picture show your full natural smile?

In any case, a consultation with a good cosmetic dentist in your area would be a fantastic start.  They should be able to discuss any areas of concern that you may have, they can talk about various possibilities, and can refer to the right team of professionals who can work with them to give you the smile you seek.

You have many options to fix your crooked smile.

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I would start with straightening your teeth first.  From this picture is looks like you are fairly close to showing an ideal amount of teeth for an attractive smile.  If they were straighter that might change your mind on feeling like not enough teeth show. 

Botox would do the opposite in that it would relax your facial muscles and make your lip hang down lower, covering more teeth.  Veneers could make your teeth look longer (if that is what you mean by making smile go higher), but to keep from breaking them off you would have to also lengthen all your back teeth as well. 

Surgery could shorten your lip length and make more of your teeth show as well, but is obviously a lot more traumatic and costly.

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How to fix my crooked smile?

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A combnation of periodontal surgery, orthognathic surgery and orthodontics and or cosmetics good luck


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