What Can I Do to Fix my Butt? The Doc Was to Get Rid of the Pouches in Between but Just Got Bigger Butt? (photo)

Had fat transfer for lift and he tried to lypo the two areas out down below to form a more rounder butt, butt bad results.

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How to fix a grafted butt!

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Dear ALR777, It's hard to see on your photos what exactly bothers you but I suspect it's the lower tip of your buttocks where the skin hangs.  I can see the lines caused by your garment in the after photo and it's making it worse.  One week after fat grafting is not the right time to call it a final result so there is no reason to panic quite yet.  You will go through a lot of changes still.  Fat grafting is certainly a way to correct that deformity but in some cases skin resection is necessary to eliminate the overhang.  Your best bet is to wait patiently for at least 3 months after your surgery and if things don't get better then bring it up to your surgeons attention. I'm sure he/she will be happy to correct that for you.  Dr Brou

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