22 Years old with asymmetric breasts: What can I do to fix my breasts? (Photo)

Hi. I'm 22 years old and have always had asymmetric breasts. I do not like the thought of implants, and I was wondering whether a benelli lift and reduction on one side could be done to match the right? Also, what has caused them to be this way? I'd really appreciate your opinions! :)

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22 Years old with asymmetric breasts: What can I do to fix my breasts?

You need in person evaluations and a planning of a surgical staged procedures to obtain asymmetry. Benilli lift will NOT correct enough the differences.. 

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Breast asymmetry in a 22 year old

Breast asymmetry is the norm to a certain degree in every  woman. Your asymmetry is noticeable, and probably causes you  concern, particularly  during the summer time. Your lef breast is attractive, well  propostioned. I would consider a  modest  vertical scar  breast reduction on your  right  breast  for symmetry. I do not believe a Benelli  would  work. If you have surgery, you must remember that pregnancy,significant weight gain/loss with potentially change the  shape and influence the  scarring . There is always a trade-off performing a breast reduction in a young  woman...better size and shape vs scars.

I wish  you well !

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Breast asymmetry is common. Breast asymmetry can also change with time and with changes in weight.
If you wish to surgically improve your appearance than you first of all need to decide on whether you are happy with the size of the left breast.
If your decision is yes then you would need to reduce the right breast to create size symmetry. The size of the left could be reduced with liposuction or a breast reduction or a combination of both. A breast reduction could be performed through a scar around the areolar +/- vertical scar +/- a scar under the breast. It is difficult to tell from the photos, as the photo is rotated, but I would favour a breast reduction + periareolar + vertical scar +/- scar under the breast.
If your decision is to increase size on the left it is possible to place two different shaped and sized implants to improve the size asymmetry. However you would have to accept that the shapes would be different and you may well end up choosing to have a mastopexy (probably periareolar) as a second stage. If you wish to have an increased in volume on the left and a one stage asymmetry correction then you would need a breast augmentation on the left and a mastopexy implant on the right. In this scenario you would most likely be able to have a mastopexy through only a periareolar scar alone without a vertical scar or scar under the breast. 
The final option is to perform a unilateral reduction on the right and then consider bilateral breast augmentation as a second stage.
There are many options and you should consult with a PS with experience in all these areas.  

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One sided breast lift can help correct asymmetrical breasts

Thank you for your question and photographs. Your left breast is perfectly normal and natural than the right breast is larger and has ptosis.
A unilateral mastopexy or lift with some reduction on the larger right breast can help achieve symmetry with the left side. If you want your left breast larger then a breast augmentation on the left and a simple lift without reduction on the right should be possible. Be sure to choose a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, experienced in breast surgery, and who has an excellent reputation in your community.

Asymmetic breasts

Hi. 7 out of 8 women have minor differences between their breasts in terms of nipple position/volume/position of the crease under the breast, although the difference in yours is more than normal. If you do not want implants and are happy with the size of your left breast then the best option is to have a breast reduction on the right side. It is difficult to say without examining you but looking at the size of your breast you may need a larger scar than a periareolar scar to achieve this amount of reduction. All the best. Regards Dr Charles Cope

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Asymmetric Breast

Thank you posting your question.
Breast asymmetry is not uncommon. In fact, most women have some asymmetry. Several things can cause asymmetric breast enlargement such a one breast being more responsive to hormones or benign tumors, so make sure your do a good breast self-exam. Barring any abnormalities on exam, I would suggest a small volume reduction. As mentioned, the name of the lift is not as important as the skill and aesthetic judgment of the surgeon doing the procedure. With that said, I would avoid a strictly periareolar approach. I know you may want to avoid the vertical scar, but it is the most reliable way to reduce the base diameter of the best. I hope this helps. 

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22 year old and asymmetric breasts

All patients have some asymmetry some are more severe than others.  You may need more than a benelli to raise the tissue and better match the other side.

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Could consider lifting and reducing one side or SAFELipo-only reduction

It sounds like you may be a candidate for a lift with some reduction on one side to match the smaller breast, but you may also be a good candidate for a liposuction-only approach utilizing SAFELipo, which can be done through tiny access incisions.  SAFELipo usually creates a significant amount of skin tightening in addition to removing the excess breast and fatty tissue.  Sometimes the skin tightening can be significant enough to avoid performing a lift procedure.  It also depends on the breast tissue you have.  Denser breast tissue can't be treated as well as breast tissue with more fat in it.  You would need to see a plastic surgeon who offers and is familiar with these procedures, and he or she can help you figure out what will work best for your specific needs.

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A natural way to fix this is to fat graft the breast with the USE of BRAVA!

Fat grafting is a very effective tool for increasing fullness in the breast.  In your case it would cause increased swelling in the breast.  Once the you have used the device for 4 weeks you could then have fat grafting performed.


I would likely suggest a breast augment and if you wanted both sides to be larger you will likely need two different size implants

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