How Can I Fix my Asymmetrical Nostrils and Jaw Without Operation? (photo)

My ultimate dream is to become a model, but i guess i could not fulfill that dream because i have asymmetrical nostrils and jaw that is very visible on the camera and mirror. This bothers me a lot. I became very conscious. Please help me. I need your advice badly.

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Nose and Jawline Asymmetry

Unfortunately the only way to reach symmetry of your nostrils is through surgery, you can obtain very natural results and achieve your aesthetic goals.

Also for the asymmetry of your jawline, you could temporarily fix the unbalance with injection fillers which you will have to maintain from time to time.  For best results a chin implant will give you the symmetry you look for and a very nice profile permanently.

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Models are not "perfect" human specimens!

You are young, and dreams are what propel us forward in our education, personal interactions, and drive to succeed, in whatever field you may choose. Most of us "choose" several times before we find what truly captures our enthusiasm (because there is also a huge amount of WORK associated with attaining one's goals in life).

Becoming a model does not require "perfect" physical beauty, though of course a certain degree of "good looks" helps. But most professional photographers will tell you that the best models aren't the "perfect-looking" ones, but those that have that special "something" that delights the camera (and eye of the viewer). That's all about attitude, much more so than appearance.

So your jaw and nose have some visible asymmetries. If you overall look is one of confidence, happiness, feeling good about yourself, and liking who you are and what you are doing, then that is what "sells" whatever a model is modeling for, be it clothing, fragrance, or activities. Nobody sees the asymmetries you are fixated on!

In fact, in over 25 years of cosmetic surgery and measuring lots of (supposedly) symmetrical parts, I have verified that almost no one matches in their measurements! Most of us have subtle (and a few not so subtle) asymmetries that are innately "pleasing to the eye."

But with all that discussion out of the way, I can tell you that there are injectables that can change facial appearance without surgery. They are not as expensive as surgery, but they need repeat treatment (and cost). Poorly-done injectables can really make things look bad, so conservatism and artistry are critical. If you want to go this route, see several ABPS-certified plastic surgeons and hear what their assessments are. Remember, more can always be added, but it's hard (or impossible) to undo bad work!

Truly, I would consider working towards your goals rather than trying to work on your face. Good luck and best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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