Can I fix my asymmetrical double eyelid surgery results with long-term use of double eyelid tape? (Photo)

My left eye's inner corner is higher than my right's. Since taking this photo, my surgeon made my left eye muscle strength stronger so my eye opens the same amount as my right's, but the crease height is still not symmetrical. I watched a video with a makeup guru who explained how she fixed her eyelid asymmetry PERMANENTLY by using eyelid tape 22 hours a day for 3 months. Do you think if I could get permanent results if I adjusted my left crease and lowered it with tape for a long duration?

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Filler for eyelid asymmetry

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The asymmetry results from left upper eyelid ptosis (droopy), which elongates the upper eyelid platform (the area below the crease), making the crease higher. Although ptosis surgery would help that, I am not sure the ptosis is significant enough for surgery yet. Another option is to inject filler in the left upper eyelid to essentially lower the crease appearance. See an oculoplastic specialist.

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Asymmetric eyes

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  • Your result, even before the additional surgery, was very good.
  • No two eyes are absolutely symmetric. Asymmetry of a mild degree is normal.
  • Your surgery was recent.
  • Taping has the real risk of undoing the surgical result.
  • Do not do anything without the approval of your surgeon.
    There are lots of things posted on the internet that sound great and do not work - external tape to change internal anatomy included. Best wishes.

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