How Can I Fix my Assymetrical Eyes? (photo)

Hi. I'm born with asymmetrical eyes. My right eye is higher than my left? What procedures can be done to fix this?

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Asymmetric Asian eyelids

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Hey JooLay,


your particular issue accounts for 20 to 40% of my practice on any given week. However, it's very important that you get an evaluation in person as you may have more anatomical issues contributing to this than just your eyelid. I do note that the overall shape of the eyes are different and at least in this photo you're holding your right eyebrow up just a bit which is causing your right eyelid to peak or slant upwards just a tad. In any case, if it is simply a symmetry of the eyelids you can improve this with eyelid surgery under local anesthesia. Double eyelid suture technique may be practical but incision technique for Asian eyelid surgery is probably the best bet for you. That is, if the issue is simply your eyelids.


Hope that was helpful


Chase Lay, MD

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How Can I Fix my Assymetrical Eyes?

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This saymmetry is genetic and developmental in nature. Correction would be a very in detailed operation. More minor skin/muscle operations might help improve the asymmetry. But best to seek ONLY IN PERSON evaluations, with MRI of facial skeleton or 3-D cat scan. 

Asymmetric eyes

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There are multiple contributing factors that are creating the asymmetry.  It appears that the left side of the face is slightly smaller than the right and that the left eye is slightly lower.  These issues are very subtle and are also difficult to correct. The crease at the junction of the upper and lower lids is different with more of a visable medial canthus on the left.  The webbing on the right can be reduced to make that portion of the lids more symmetric.  Finally the left brow is lower than the right and this could be elevated to a more symmetric position.  

Edward Farrior, MD
Tampa Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Eyelid Surgery in Asymmetric Lids

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Your Right upper lid is a bit higher temporally.  This may be a normal variant if it has been like for a long time.  However, if not, you should be checked for thyroid dysfunction.  Dysthyroid states can cause a retraction in the upper and lower lids.  If your thyroid is normal the lids can be evened out surgically.  The right upper lid can be lowered or the left upper lid raised.  This requires a consult with a local oculoplastic surgeon as a face to face exam is needed.  I hope this helps.

Steven J. Covici, MD
Springfield Oculoplastic Surgeon
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