How to Fix a Midline That is off by 4 Mm and Maintaining a Correct Bite?

I've been wearing braces for nearly 3 years. My current dentist is trying to convince me that from an orthodontic standpoint, an off midline is not important as long as the bite is correct. If I attempt to fix the midline, I will have to compromise my dental health. Is there any way to shift my midline over 4 mm AND maintain a correct bite? The asymmetry is severely noticeable in my opinion, but I do not want to resort to surgery. It looks like my left front tooth is in the center of my mouth!!

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How to fix a Midline off by 4mm while Maintaining a Correct Bite

At this poiunt, after 3 years of ortrho, it's a little late to be discussing the midline, in my opinion. This should have all been discussed and planned by both your cosmetically oriented general dentist, as well as your orthodontist. Proper dental treatment involves all parties discussing their wishes and wants BEFORE treatment and discussing what is possible and at what costs. That being said, the midline probably can be slightly corrected at this\point orthodontically, but is it really worth the extra years of treatment in order to move the entire "bite", if it's even possible. You might consider porcelain veneers to correct the midline after the removal of the braces.


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