How Do I Fix a Lack of Definition And Sagging in my Face? (photo)

I am in my mid-20s and have a BMI of around 19. I have never been overweight. My face, which has always had big cheeks, is beginning to sag more and more. I am starting to develop a double chin and my cheeks have deep grooves like an older person. What are my options for correcting this and why is this happening when I'm still young?

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Sagging face in mid-twenties

A chin implant will give an augmentation to the chin side profile as well as a slight widening of the chin in addition to a small vertical augmentation as well.  There is no lifting of cheeks that is performed for patients in their mid 20s.  Injectable fillers will soften lines caused by sagging cheeks.

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Sagging face

It is hard to evaluate you from jsut photos. An exam in person is key, but if you feel that your face is deflated, sometimes a facial filler can help.  A double chin may be from fat and then that could be liposuctioned.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Sagging face and lack of definition.

Sagging face and lack of definition can be improved with a small chin implant to give your lower face more harmony compared to your upper 2/3. Keep the fat as you will need it as you age and you'll have less wrinkles.

Toby Mayer, MD
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It is all about facial structure.

Full face pictures would be more helpful and ultimately there is no substitute for an actual consultation.  However, you look like the lower half of your face is on the small size.  This creates a baby like face-large eyes, small mouth.  Even the little facial give associated with people in their twenties makes an aesthetic difference.  Facial fillers can be helpful for fighting this.

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