Is It Possible to Fix L Implant Higher/fuller Than R? (photo)

I recently had my 3rd breast aug 1.5 wks ago.Things have settled,softened fast,prob due to previous breasts augs.But I notice L brease is significantly higher/fuller vs R. I went from 400cc of L and 450cc on R to 700cc silicone on both.Also L side lower pocket was lowered to be more even w R and bilat inner pockets were made larger to create more appearance of cleavage.My concern is that L pocket was made to big and allowing breast to ride higer/appear fuller on top.Is there a way to fix this?

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Is It Possible to Fix L Implant Higher/fuller Than R? (photo)

The need is more fill on the right, like that 50 cc's that was not used from the previous implant differences. 

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Implant issues

At such a short period post-op it is too early to tell how the breasts will settle.  One may appear slightly larger due to having the same size implants in.

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Is It Possible to Fix L Implant Higher/fuller Than R?

At 10 days or so after surgery, it is way too early to think about revision surgery. Six months is more like it. It would be helpful to see a preop view. Apparently you had different size implants last time, now they are the same, and that may explain the size difference. On the one view that approaches a standard view, the implants appear quite evenly positioned. 

Follow closely with your surgeon.

All the best.


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