How to Fix Hypertrophic Scar from Shingles?

About 7 years ago, I got shingles on the side of my face. After they went away, I was left with what appears to be, a hypertrophic scar (red and raised) on my chin and several depressed scars on the side of my face. They have faded some but not much. I am most concerned with the scar on my chin.

Lately, I've been rubbing ice cubes, Vitamin E liquid pills and honey on it, and it seems to actually be working. Should I add a scar cream with silicone in it also? Would I see better results if I did this? I desperately want them to go away. Any suggestions on what I should do?



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Hypertrophic scar

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Hypertrophic scars are red raised and can be painful. They can be treated with masage, silicone gel sheets and steroid injections. Depending on the result the scar can be excised and re sutured but there is no guarantee there will be any improvement that is why conservative management is generally offered first

Long Island City Plastic Surgeon

Hypertrophic scars

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Unfortunately, I do think that you are wasting your time using ice cubes, baking soda and honey for hypertrophic scars due to shingles (or any other trauma to the skin). These scars are very difficult to treat and most likely will not respond to anything done at home. I would suggest having a dermatologist present you with better options.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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