How Do You Fix a Gap Thats Been Created Between the Teeth Due to Over-drilling? (photo)

I just went to my orthodontists office because one of the attachments (or buttons) came off when I was taking off my Invisalign and needed it reattached. After it was reattached, the technician was drilling the excess glue around the attachment for awhile and when he was done he put my Invisalign back on. When I got home I noticed this newly created gap in between my teeth (between 10 and 11) and I'm freaking out!

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Always ask your Dr if you have a concern. It sounds that was opened to make more room for your trays to move the teeth. It should recede with time. If you are really concerned ask your Dr. That is why he is there

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Gap created during invisalign

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What you had done was referred to as IPR or interproximal reduction.  The spaces should close as you progress through treatment.  I would not worry about it and certainly do not have any anxiety because of it.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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How Do You Fix a Gap Thats Been Created Between the Teeth Due to Over-drilling?

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It seem like you are doing braces (Invisalign) , congratulations! It is a great treatment . You do not have to worry about this, sometimes the space is needed and its called IPR (interproximal reduction) which it will close as you continue with treatment. If you ever have a concern talk to you dentist, feel confident about. As a patient, i know sometimes we feel shy to ask, but your oral health is more important than anything else. At the end of treatment if you feel there are other gaps and thinks you do not like about your final results, your dentist can do refinements.

Pamela Marzban, DDS
Fairfax Dentist

Space between lateral and canine

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Usually the interproximal stripping or the space developed by the DDS to accommodate the moving of teeth is not an Issue. This is due to the fact the invisalign trays you are wearing will shift the teeth to close the space over time. crowding of teeth is usually dealt with by proclining the teeth facial to develop space or making slight modifications in the width of the teeth by the stripping or grinding process. i am sure if the dds were to sit down and communicate the goals of each phase of treatment with you your anxiety would be taken care of!

J. Willis Baker, DDS
Wichita Dentist

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