How Do I Fix Eye Hollows After Cheek Fillers? (photo)

I had filler about 6-7 months ago in my cheeks right under my eyes to fill a space where two cheek pads come together to form a line on my face. It looked great at first but as time has gone on the filler seems to be causing eye hollows in my eyes. When I turn to the side you can see the filler in cheeks sticking out and eyes look sunken in. This has gotten worse over last few months. Is this because the filler is dissolving or is the filler just to much in my cheeks causing eyes to hollow?

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Fixing eye hollows after cheek fillers.

Fixing eye hollows after cheek fillers depends on how much and what type of filler you had. You should not be having this problem after 7 months and you should return to the surgeon who put the filler in since he knows what he did. It is not because the filler is dissolving.

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