How to Fix Under Eye Fat That is Protruding After Surgery?

I had eye surgery three years ago where the docter added extra fat under my eye but it is protruding out under one eye. He said he would fix it with surgery for free however he has never done this so could not guarantee it would work. It is very noticable and I need it taken care of. Are there any recommendations for surgeons in the Austin Texas area?

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Irregularity after fat transfer can be corrected

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Hi there,

Fat transfer irregularity occurs either because the fat was injected more superficially than intended, or a larger than ideal quantity was deposited into a single area.  These complications are forunately rare for experienced fat transfer surgeons, but can still happen.

In my practice, I have seen several patients referred in for this type of problem.  Non surgical treatments such as injection with steroids or 5FU can provide a percentage improvement, but if the irregular area is prominent enough, surgical intervention may be necessary.   Via a posterior eyelid incision, the area of fat transfer can be accessed.  The operation has a rare risk of damaging the eyelid closure muscle, the orbicularis oculi.  However, it may be possible to trim down the area of relative excess, and sometimes the ideal aesthetic outcome may require additional fat transfer to other adjacent areas to reduce the apparent excess in one area.

I hope this is helpful to you as you decide whether to move forward with a definitive solution.

Austin Oculoplastic Surgeon

Visible lump below eyelid after fat graft injection

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The eyelid tends to heal well and incisions are generally barely visible. If sufficiently prominent, it may be worth the effort to achieve correction of the visible lump.

Fat in the lower lid

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You had fat grafted at the time of surgery.

The fat can be removed surgically either through an external incision or incision inside the lid "TRANSCONJUNCTIVAL)

With fat grafting the success in removing it is more than with injected fat. Injected fat goes in every direction. Grafted fat stays where it is.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Fat lump

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If the fat bulge is visible the options may be intralesionsl steroid injection or surgical removal of fat.

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