Fix for Enlarged Areola with Contour Depression?

Last summer I had gynecomastia surgery. My left areola is perfect, but the right areola is larger and has a slight contour depression, as well as a noticeable scar since my surgeon felt it was necessary to do a lift of the right areola. Should I get a fat injection before I get an areola reduction?

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Need for revisional surgery is sometimes necessary after difficult breast surgery.

Once your scars have matured for several months discuss any concerns with your surgeon. No treatment, augmentation with fillers or fat, scar revisions or other approaches could help. An experienced Plastic Surgeon is your best bet for achieving improved symmetry. Good luck. Dr. Mosher

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Areola correction after gynecomastia

Sounds like you could do both at the same time. However, volume replacement may need some tweaking after the procedure.

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