Post Smart Lipo: Empty Skin Pocket on Gluteal Crease

I had smartlipo on my buttocks (gluteal crease)4 months ago,and now the result is worse than before. I ended up with an empty skin pocket. My doctor adviced me to tighten that skin by making a scar just underneath them, about 5cm long to get that extra skin inside without cutting it away, just to hide id in.I'm a very thin person, exercising for years,age 36. What is your opinion?

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Smart lipo and skin pocket

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Before you undergo surgery to correct a pocket or indentation after Smart Lipo, you should see a second opinion by consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon who does buttock lifts and thigh lifts, to make sure you are a candidate for the surgery you described. It is not possible to make accurate recommendations to you personally without examining you in person.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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"SmartLipo NOT for Lower Buttock Area!"

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I am quite apprehensive whenever patients inquire about having Liposuction of any kind done on the lower buttock area.  As a seasoned dermatologist who has done thousands of liposuction cases, I truly respect the differences in skin thickness in different regions of the body. I use SmartLipo to remove fat and tighten many various regions of the body.  I have found It is very difficult to tighten the skin of the LOWER buttock, due in large part to the thickness of the skin in that region.  The laser energy just cannot easily diffuse through full skin thickness in this area due to skin density, and the lower buttock area tends to "sag".  Not a good look!

I would advise you to seek a second opinion from a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon in your area to see how your problem can be remedied.  Good luck.

Windell Davis Boutte, MD, Medical Director, Premiere Dermatology and Surgery, Lilburn, GA

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