How to Fix Deep Facial Depression Left by Punch Biopsy? (photo)

I went to a dermatologists to see if they could recommend anything to 100% fix the depressions in my faceThey highly recommended the punch biopsy, and claimed after the 3 stitches came out my skin would be even,with a slight scar that would fade but all in all I would not be left with any depressions in that area whatsoever.after they removed the stitches I was left with 3 even larger, deeper more pronounced and jagged depressions than what I had started with and no possible solutions.

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Repair the Repairs

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There are no guarantees in life except death and taxes, to paraphrase Ben Franklin. Widening of facial punch excisions does occur, and it is frustrating for both patient and physician. Re-excision of the sites, subcision with filler (silicone, Radiesse, or Artefill), and time are all possible options. You need to see your physician for these and other options.

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