Fix Crooked Nose?

It is possible to leave the nose apparently right using fillers to increase one of sides? If yes, how does it work? These fillers are permanent? And this procedure is not risky?

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It Is Possible To Correct Crooked Nose with Fillers

Pictures would be helpful (and obviously an in-person office consultation would be even better), but to answer your question, it is possible to correct certain types of crooked noses with injectable fillers. We refer to this as the non-surgical rhinoplasty. In our practice, we use liquid injectable silicone which is an excellent filler for this because it is incredibly precise and it is permanent.  Injecting fillers into the nose for cosmetic correction is not risky in my opinion when done by an experienced, board-certified physician. Click on the link below to review before and after photos of non-surgical rhinoplasties done with silicone.

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