Can you fix congenital ptosis without surgery? (photo)

I was just wondering but is it possible to fix congenital ptosis without surgery. I have already had surgery on my ptosis it was over a year ago now and it did help but it still droops when I'm tired so I was woundering if there was any other options for me thanks.

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Congenital Ptosis

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When there is a ptosis that has been present since birth or a very young age, the muscle fibers are often not normal. The level may never be able to be the same as the other eye and if a surgeon gets it so it exactly matches, there could be lagophthalmos or an inability to close the eye. See someone who operates on these kind of problems. Thanks

Santa Monica Oculoplastic Surgeon

Can you fix congenital ptosis without surgery?

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Unfortunately, there isn't a durable non-surgical fix for ptosis. There are eye-drops that can help but these are typically used on a temporary basis like after a Botox mis-adventure when the eyelid temporarily droops. It sounds like you're very disappointed with your surgery. I think returning to your previous surgeon or seeking a second opinion would be helpful to figure out the best option for you. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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