How to fix a chin implant that is up too high with complications? (photo)

1st implant placed introrally1/13-Dr put in wrong size implant.Put in small even though we agreed on me. 4 mnths later put med implant in, same incision.complication-wing protruding under skin. 6 days later cut open incision and cut off wings and replaced the implant. Complications-Deformed smile(middle doesn't go down) implant too high(upside down U shape), dimpling.I addressed these issues with PS & he said I should remove the implant and to never get another one?I disagree, I need a revision?

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Chin implants problems

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I would recommend you have the implant removed and allow the tissues to recover for several weeks or a few months. Then you could consider implant replacement and secured to mandible or an advancement genioplasty. The genioplasty will not "ride up" and would problably give you a more natural result. Good luck. Donald R. Nunn MD, DDS Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Implant Placement

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I am sorry that you are having difficulties with your chin implant. I agree with Dr. Ellis that transoral placement lends itself to a "high riding" implant. In addition, the infection risk is higher with this approach. removal of the implant with a delayed (8-12 weeks) submental placement is probably the best approach.

Misplaced chin implant

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The implant can be removed and then replaced at a later date. The external incision under the chin is an excellent way to place the implant at the appropriate height and secure it in place. The incision hides very well. Best Wishes.

Manuel A. Lopez, MD
San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon

Malplaced chin implant

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Put chin implants in through the mouth often leaves the implant to high. The best way is to remove the implant for 2-3 weeks and replace it through an incision under the chin.The implant will then be in it proper position.

David A. F. Ellis, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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