How Can I Fix This Bump in my Nose? It's Been There Forever. (photo)

I have this bump in the top portion of my nose & it drives me crazy. When I run my fingers from the top of my nose down the bump or weird bone is on the left side of my nose where it narrows towards the top closer to my eyebrows. I have posted a picture but i am curious to find HOW i can get rid of it & whats the easiest way. It kind of looks bruised at times and i dont understand it at all. Thanks so much! :) Sarah

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Removing Bump on Nose

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Sarah, this bump you describe and illustrate is a common problem for many people around the world.

This prominence usually occurs at the point where the bone and cartilage meet on top of your nose.

Fixing the bump is probably the number one reason patients seek rhinoplasty.

Removing an islolated bump can usually be performed by operating through the nostril, this way there are no visible scars.

Before you undertake this procedure, be sure to carefully examine your nose with the help of an experienced, certified surgeon who is trained to evaluate the nose and perform the necessary operations.  On this examination, you may discover other problems that could be improved, such as breathing, septal deviation, tip projection/form, base width, to name a few.

Good luck!

Nose Job Can Remove “Bumps”

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The bump you describe is a common problem and can be removed by a facial plastic surgeon who has expertise in rhinoplasty. It will be filed down from within the nose, which means there will be no visible scars on the outside of your nose. Rhinoplasty is a complex cosmetic surgery, so please choose your expert carefully. I hope this helps.

How to address bump on nose

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Any bump in the top portion of the nose is most likely composed of bone and will need to be filed down.  A small bump can simply be only filed during the operation, however when a large bump is removed it will result in a flat top open roof deformity.  When this occurs osteotomies may need to be performed.  Osteotomies will also narrow and straighten the nasal bones.

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How Can I Fix This Bump in my Nose? It's Been There Forever.

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The bump is typically reduced using a nasal rasp to file doen the bump during a Rhinoplasty.  You should have a few consultations with experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeons that understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial and nasal beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attracive nose and face.


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The bump on your nasal dorsum is a common presentation for individuals seeking rhinoplasty. There are a number of potential techniques that could improve your situation. I would recommend you see a surgeon experienced with rhinoplasty.

Removing Nasal Bump At The Dorsum

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Dear Sarah,


Thank you for posting your photo.

The dorsal bump you exhibit could be eliminated by filing it down. Also you may have fillers applied to the nasal dorsum area hiding the undesired bump.

Your surgery will be of a delicate nature and the surgeon will have to approach it conservatively.

So, I encourage you to consult with a board certified surgeon of ample experience who will guide you to make a well informed decision.

The best of luck to you and thank you for your inquiry.

Dr. Sajjadian

Surgical or non-surgical rhinoplasty options

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Bumps on the dorsum of the nose can be addressed by two different methods. The surgery to shave down the dorsum does require anesthesia but is a very straight-forward procedure. As suggested by others, see a surgeon's before and after photos and make sure you share the same postop goals. Computer imaging can help with this discussion.


The use of fillers is a non-surgical and affordable option. A small amount of a filler like Restylane or Radiesse can be used to camouflage the bump. While this is not a permanent fix, the risks are low and will not preclude you from having surgery in the future.

Bump alon the way

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Hi Sarah.  Sure, lumps and bumps should be addressed with every rhinoplasty surgery.  It is very important to see three Cosmetic Surgeons who perform lots of rhinoplasties.  You will know what to do after you have spoken to three experts.

How Can I Fix This Bump in my Nose? It's Been There Forever.

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Sarah; Best to see a few surgeons in person to be examined and shown a rhinoplasty operation before and after photos. Than you can decide if you desire he have a rhinoplasty. 

Bump on My Nose

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Your bump can be eliminated with a limited rhinoplasty where the excess is removed and the bones repositioned to narrow your bridge. See an experienced surgeon because you do not want or need major changes.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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