Please Fix my Breast Sagging and Belly Too Also my Arm Sagging Too.

IM 40 years old and I dont feel sexy anymore and very unhappy with my body i cant not love again cuz im so unhappy with my body .I wish come true with my sexy body back again.My 3 kids are grow up and no more babies cuz im diabetes also im deaf too.My belly fat ,my breast sagging my leg also hipo too that sucks :( . i did try excerise and right food but i felt same weigh 195lb how come never go down im very sad I want sexy back .I cant afford to pay fix my body feel sexy again :(.

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Mommy Makeover

There are many different payment options available at this time.  You should consult with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and evaluate the payment, and surgical options.

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Feeling Sexy Again

Thank you for your question.

The first step is to visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to see if you are a good candidate for the "mommy makeover" and what steps you need to take to have a successful / safe surgery.

The PRIORITY is safety so medical clearance may be a good idea.

Best Wishes!

Mommy makeover can improve your breasts and abdomen

You will need to obtain medical clearance from your primary care physician prior to surgery due to your history of diabetes. A breast lift (with or without a breast implant) and a tummy tuck can restore your body back to its pre-pregnancy condition in many cases. I recommend you have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to explore your options. The surgeon can determine if you are a good candidate for surgery or if you need to lose some weight before surgery.

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