How Much to Fix One Breast That Has Bottomed Out? (photo)

I had breast augmentation less than three months ago and now I believe it has bottomed out. I do not have the money to pay for another surgery :( How much does something like this cost....very rough estimate is fine. Im just curious so I kinda have an idea of what to expect. Is it something that has to be done soon (will it cause any health problems etc)? How is the recovery compared to the original surgery? Thank you.

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Fix One Breast That Has Bottomed Out

Generally, the best person to perform revision surgery is the original surgeon. He has a vested interest in ensuring that you are happy, and has developed a relationship with you. Each office has different policies regarding revision pricing. Some surgeons may charge you just the costs associated with the surgery. Do not rush into a second surgery. A wait of 6 months is typical.

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Question on bottoming out surgery

Before you move to cost, timing and recovery, you need an accurate diagnosis. From the photo you provided it is difficult to you all the information for your questions. In general, if you hove bottoming out, then surgery will cost more, the surgery is more complicated that just placing implants and has to performed by a plastic surgeon who is familiar with this type of surgery.

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Correction of Bottoming Out after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question and picture. The picture does demonstrate the breast asymmetry that you are referring to. It will likely be in your best interests to allow for an additional 3 to 6 months to pass before making a final evaluation of the end results of surgery. If the breast asymmetry remains significant, capsulorraphy  with or without the use of allograft may be necessary/beneficial. The cost of the surgery will depend on the specific practice/location of the practice.

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Breast Bottoming Out?

From your photos, it is hard to say that you are bottoming out without a comparison to your preop photos. Your implants have likely settled since surgery, but the size of the implants likely is contributing to this. Fixing something like this can be expensive if you are to use a reinforcing graft like strattice or alloderm.  This is likely the best way to address this in light of the size of your implants, since an internal tightening of the capsule will likely fail with time. Fortunately, there is no medical need to correct this and currently little cosmetic need. Stay in touch with your surgeon for better information.

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Bottoming out

I agree. I don't see definitive evidence that you are bottoming out. If you cannot afford additional surgery, watch and wait. It will not cause any health problems. Your implants are large and this can precipitate complications in terms of maintaining the height of the breasts.

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Bottomed out implant?

It is hard to say for sure from your photo exactly whether you are bottomed out or not, or to what degree.  The best plan would probably be to do nothing because this will cost a good bit to fix and the large size and weight of your implants makes for a high risk of the repair breaking down and failing. Using a material like Strattice can aide in the repair strength but also is extremely expensive.

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Bottoming out at 3 months

It does appear that the right breast is slightly different than the left, but as other plastic surgeons have said, the preoperative photographs would help.  At three months it is too early to consider revision surgery, and you would be better off to wait another 3-6 months to see what changes might occur.  Revision surgery cost will obviously cost more if you go to another plastic surgeon, so I would suggest going back to the original surgeon and see what he/she will do for you. 

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