Can You Fix Bannana Fold DeformIty by Making an Incision and Stitchin It Up?

I had smart Lipo on my inner outer and backs of my thighs and ended. Up with a creaseunder my gluteal fold. Had 2 revisions and it is better but still very deep. So next. So to get rid of it he is going to make an incision and then stitch it up. Im scared that this is going to make it worse or my butt to look weird. I need some info fast my surgery is coming up. Did get 2nd opinion they said leave it alone.

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Bananna rolls are best treated conservatively in most patients

The best solution for you may involve an excision and permanent scar in the crease but only an examination allows for proper guidance. If your Plastic Surgeon is confident that no other treatments will be successful then you should trust them.

Too much liposuction in the upper posterior thigh, stretching and aging of the buttock and thigh skin can all make this area look worse. If lifting up you buttocks solves the problem the autologous fat augmentation to the buttocks or a buttock lift should be considered. If the bananna roll persists even with the buttock is lifted then a direct treatment of the bananna roll is best. This can be more liposuction done superficially and preferably with a proven skin tightenting technology like SmartLipo or direct excision like what you are scheduled for with an incision in the buttock fold will improve matters.

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Dr. Mosher

Vancouver Plastic Surgeon
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Banana rolls

Banana rolls are often fatty upper thighs jsut below the buttock crease. Sometimes when liposuction is performed the skin becomes loosed in this area and the buttock sags.  On occasion the skin need to be excised and the crease redefined, but the problems become a scar and sometimes a loss of the well defined crease.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Banana Buttock Deformity Requires Excision To Re-Establish The Lower Buttock Fold

The banana deformity of the lower buttock is often caused by the removal of fat underneath it.  Because the fold skin does not have a great abililty to contract, it will simply fold over as now excessive skin. The correction of the banana deformity of the lower buttock fold requires an excisional procedure. Simply making an incision and trying to reattach the fold will not work. The overhanging fold of skin must be excised and then closed which will effectively eliminate the excess skin problem. This will make the lower buttock fold more defined as the upper buttock skin joins the upper thigh skin in a smooth confluent manner. 

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction Posterior thigh

Over resection of fat in the posterior thigh or the banana deformity, will result in deformity of the buttock crease, multiple creases, and droopy buttocks. Beecause the fat in the posterior thigh acts as a support for the buttocks. Proper treatment is fat transfer to the posterior buttocks.

Last time I corrected a problem like yours I needed to transfer 300 cc of fat to the posterior thigh on each side.


Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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