How to Fix Bad Slimlipo Suction (Like a Whole in the Hip) and Tighten the Area?

Around 4 months ago i had slimlipo in my hips and butt Was supposed to suction 3-5 liters fat But suctioned only 1 liter And the results are bad! in the outer hips i have like "holes" as a result of too much suctioned / agressive in this area I went to another clinic to have liposuction again, but they said no because i have loose skin that needed to be thightned , so they suggested fat transfer in the hip/area but to "fill the hole" and thighen the skin I live in a place where its not common

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Post-liposuction defects

this is a very common case scenario. I see a lot of patients who have had liposuction done and now have defects that sometimes require fat injections, additional liposuction and perhaps skin tightening wih excising (removing) extra skin. Im not sure where u are located but if youre nearby NYC Id be more than happy to see you.

good luck

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