How to Fix my Asymmetry After Blepharoplasty? Please Help

Hello I have had asymmetry in my eyelids for two years. In 2009, I had a blepharoplasty operation to repair lash ptosis. The results returned my left eye back to normal shape, but my right eyelid became bloated and asymmetric. Please reference to the photos below. My doctor recommended Restylane to be injected (3rd photo). However that has only seemed to push the lid further down. Now a eyelid tightening procedure is recommended. How do I fix this? Optho said another bleph is too risky.

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Eyelid Surgery

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 I recommend that you consult with two Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and listen to their perspective.  Be cautious of doing any surgery too soon.

Revising an old blepharoplasty

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I have reviewed your photographs.  It appears that your right upper eyelid needs further skin removal.  I would consult a plastic surgeon in your area.  Your correction should be very easy  to perform.

Gary H. Manchester, MD (retired)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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