Possible to Fix Uneven Abdomen After Tumescent Smart Lipo?

I am a male 39 never been overweight. had Tumescent with Smart-lipo done in late 2008 with a non plastic surgeon (my fault completely). The doctor obviously did not pay attention to detials and left my abdomen a little waivy and uneven. What are your thoughts of me seeing a real plastic surgeon to correct the uneveness? I went to a very well respected Plastic Surgeon and had a consult. He asid I could be fixed that he would shave off the high points etc. Am I creating more problems for me??

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Waviness after Smartlipo can be improved significantly

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SmartLipo alone is not the culprit here. Waviness can happen after any type of lipo procedure. The hills or high points can be reduced, but the low points should also be tended to as well. Harvesting a small amount of fat and placing it in the low points as well as reducing the "hills" usually has a better chance of success that just reducing the hills alone.

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