Can You Get Fitted for New Bras Before Breast Augmentation?

Is there a way to find out what your bra size is going to be after surgery before getting a breast augmentation? I know about what size I'd like to end up after surgery and want to start bra shopping, but I don't know if a surgeon can tell beforehand what bra size you'll end up or what you can expect your measurements to be.

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Wait to buy new bras until after your breast augmentation

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There are several reasons why surgeons can't/won't try to predict or promise a specific bra size after breast augmentation. There is no uniformity amongst bra manufactures regarding cup size and chest measurement. For example some patients may be a 34D in one brand and a 36C in another.

You should communicate your desires and wishes to the surgeon you consult with. It is the surgeons job to listen to your expectations, do an exam which may include measurements of the breast, and then give you an opinion whether your goals can be realistically met. For example in some patients it is not realistic to go from a 34A to a 34DD.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Bra shopping

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I would not advise my patients to purchase new bras prior to surgery. Wait until after surgery. You may find that once you are completely healed, one particular brand and size will fit you better than another. I have my patients wear a sports bra until the swelling subsides so it may be some time before your new bra shopping spree! Best of luck!!!

Christine Sullivan, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Fitting for new bras with breast implant augmentation surgery

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I generally advise my patients to wait a minimum of 3 months AFTER srugery before being fitted for bras following breast implant augmentation surgery.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Knowing Postoperative Bra Size Before Breast Augmentation

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The one thing that women seem to focus on the most is really the least important of all the issues surrounding breast augmentation-bra size. I've stated this many times but it bears repeating-no two bras are the same. You may wear a 34C in one manufactures bra and a 32D in another. It's not the size of the bra that matters but what you look like after surgery. I'm the proportion guy. I think that women should look proportionate after breast augmentation. So don't get hung up on the bra size.

Crystal brall

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Hi Chrissy,

One would think that with all the advances in 21st century medicine, you could buy a bra before getting a breast aug and it would fit. Well, believe it or not, the only thing we know is that it probably won't.

Because you're probably going to buy a bra that is nice, you really don't want to waste your money if it won't be the right size (unless they're on sale now and you can return it later for the proper fit - in which case great idea!).

You may be instructed to not wear a bra for a while. Also, you could have fluid or swelling within the pocket so hold off on that purchase to get the perfect fit to match your perfect pair. Lastly, remember that the way bra's are made is not standardized. The cup sizes are pretty different since it has so much to do with how the bra fits in general. Some patients come in wearing the totally wrong bra for them since they're so set on a certain cup size. For the time being, enjoy your enthusiasm and start looking around at bras but the time isn't right to buy it just yet. Wait for a week then start looking more seriously at how it fits and take an outfit that you'd like to see how they look in as well. This'll make your whole experience so much more fun and this way you can't miss!

Best Wishes,


Ricardo A. Meade, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Cup size after breast augmentation

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Knowing your cup size after breast augmentation is not accurate because there is so much variability amongst manufacturers as well as how you like to wear the bras - loose fitting or form fitting. Sizing for an implant is based on your body measurements and tissue type along with your specific sizing desires. However, that does not translate accurately into a specific postop cup size to any consistently reliable way. So I would not advise purchasing bras before your surgery and you should wait until the swelling has subsided also. One thing to do before surgery is talk about the cup size you would like to achieve and bring in a bra from the store you typically shop at and try putting the implant that you and your surgeon have chosen based on your chest measurements into the bra. That will allow you to see before surgery how the bra is filled out - too little or too much. You can also put a form fitting shirt over the bra and compare the side with the implant in to the side without the implant to get a rough before and after look at what the surgery can do for you. This has worked very well for my patients. But remember science comes first with your chest measurements and proportionality is more reliable than a bra cup size that could vary greatly between stores and manufacturers of bras.

Bahram Ghaderi, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Buying bras before breast augmentation

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I would wait to buy a bra for your new chest size until the swelling subsides. To try to size up before would be very difficult.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Can I buy new bras BEFORE a breast augmentation?

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This is a very common question, however most patients are really asking us "what will my bra size be after surgery?" This is a very difficult question to answer. Bra sizes are not standardized across the industry. Most patients will tell me that they can fit in a C cup with one manufacturer and a B in bras from a different vendor.

When I measure a patient for breast augmentation, I tell them that I really cannot say what size they will be. My goal is to actually try to understand what my patient wants and then use the measurements to determine the best implant to meet their goals and desires. Using this concept, I have had very good success with my procedures.

The best advice for you is to pick a surgeon you can trust and then wait until after your procedure to buy new bras. Good luck.

Sirish Maddali, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Bra shopping before breast augmentation surgery

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I don't recommend this because you will find your size and shape changing over the first 2 months as the implants settle and the breast tissue compresses. I advise my patients to wait until their sutures are out before even buying a non-underwire bra or sports bra. Our patients are given a soft cup bra for the first 10 days thwen advised to get some sports bras or victoria secret type no wire cotton bras for comfort.

Once all the swelling is gone and the breasts have settle you can have a wonderful time enjoying your result and bra shopping.

Good luck with your surgery.

You can't "buy a cup size" in breast augmentation

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The final cup size that will fit you best cannot be exactly determined or guaranteed preop. The ideal thing is to find the best doctor, one who has vast experience and whose photos appeal to you, and whom you feel is listening to what you want. Then, based on examining and measuring you, the best implant for your body and your desires is chosen and the cup size you wind up with just follows that. The look is more important than the cup size!

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