Am I Fit for Cool Sculpting?

one year back i have gone through appendicitis operation. after that my lower abdomen had increased, now i want to reduce the size using cool sculpting. Does it really helps me.and how much its costs for me. my weight is 74kgs which is almost near to my max bmi range. i want to cut it to 55-60. do the cool sculpting work on me.

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Coolsculpting reduces fat if above the muscle wall under the skin

You would need an evaluation. In my NYC practice, all patients are examined by me to determine if they are candidates for coolsculpting. The fat needs to be in an area that the applicator of CoolSculpting can reach and draw in the skin and fat compartment into the device. Usually if the bulge can be felt above the abdominal muscle wall, then the fat can be treated with the coolsculpting. Of course, any surgical scars you have will be evaluated to determine if they are strong enough to undergo suction and you may wish to check with your surgeon for them to examine you first.

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Coolsculpting after appendectomy

There is no reason you can't do Coolsculpting a year after an appendectomy but Coolsculpting is ideal for patients closer to the goal weight or BMI.  Coolsculpting will not change weight much, if at all.  If after exercise, nutrition modifications and weight loss you still have stubborn or recalcitrant areas of fat, these areas are more conducive to Coolsculpting.  Overall, without examining you in person it is impossible to say if you are a candidate, how many cycles/applicators would be indicated and how many treatments you would require and subsequent costs.  You should consider a consultation to determine if Coolsculpting is for you.

Grant Stevens, MD
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Coolsculpting works best on fat bulges candidates have even after an appendectomy

The key to understanding if you are a good candidate for Coolsculpting is to answer the questions: 1. Is the fat bulge resistant to a healthy diet and regular exercise (30 minutes a day)?  2. Can you pinch the fat bulge and its at least an inch thick? I always recommend that patients review their daily diet and return to exercise prior to using Coolsculpting. The procedure does freeze the fat and the fat cells are destroyed, however if you gain weight dormant fat cells will swell which gives you the false impression that the procedure failed. Cost depends on how many bulges you have and how many times they need to be treated. Contact a board certified Plastic Surgeon (ABMS certified) to review all of your options for fat reduction.

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Coolsculpting may help you

Coolsculpting is a fantastic treatment that helps many patients reduce unwanted fat bulges.  In order to determine if you are a good candidate, you have to be examined in a clinic or office experienced at doing Coolsculpting.  It is not possible to determine by photos or a description.  

Lorrie Klein, MD
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