Fist Size Lipoma Removed - Hole Remains From Drainage Tube

I recently had a fist sized lipoma removed from the upper back on the right. After the removal of the lipoma, a tube draining blood was inserted, what was this for?, it has left me with a hole and how long will it take for the hole to heal.

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Drainage tube following lipoma removal

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The drainage tube was placed to help decrease the risk of the accumulation of fluid in the area where the lipoma was removed. The hole that remained after removal usually closes up within a few days and then will continue to mature in appearance, ultimately becoming far less conspicuous.

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Hole from drainage tube

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those drain holes should close up in 24 hours after the drain is removed.  their is a remote chance of the hole staying open if it becomes hypergranulation tissue or portions of the drain or non absorbable suture are left in the hole. they can prevent complete closure of the hole. i would give it some time and if it doesnt close in a week or two get it reevaluated. all wounds should heal if not down to bone or tendon or have a foreign body present in the wound.

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