Firm bump found on the side of nose two weeks after Rhinoplasty. (photo)

I had a surgery for my deviated nose as well as a dorsal bump and a few other things. After 16 days I realized I developed a small bump to the side of my nose bridge. The skin around it feels tender but the bump is firm. Should I be concerned about anything? The deviation was on the opposite side of the bridge on the picture.

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Firm bump after Rhinoplasty

Dear Goje, I would suggest that you discuss this with your surgeon during your next follow up appointment. The area you describe is probably where the osteotomies were performed. I typically do my osteotomies internally however some surgeons use a different technique of going through the skin. Your surgeon will be able to discuss exactly what the bump is from with a direct examination. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Bump at the nose-cheek junction

The bump that you are describing may very well be swelling created by osteotomies (the controlled breaks that are made to reshape the nasal bones). Osteotomies are performed frequently to help correct the deviated nose. It is common for patients to feel a small 'pea-sized' bump on the side of the nose at the location that you are showing especially after percutaneous lateral nasal osteotomies (using a very small and sharp instrument that is actually passed through the nose/cheek skin instead of internally to make the osteotomies). The bumps are the result of swelling in the skin where the instrument was passed through. If your bumps are secondary to the osteotomies, gentle massage of this area will help these bumps to resolve in a few weeks and this is normal following rhinoplasty. Alternatively, an irregularity in the location you described could be the bones themselves. You should discuss this with your surgeon.

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Bump 16 days after rhinoplasty

You should bring this up to your surgeon.  He/she will know exactly what was done during the surgery and will be able to fully evaluate it.  This early after a surgery, you can have swelling that will resolve and may change the way that this looks.

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