Firbocystic Lumps Found As Well As Saline Leakage

They found 2 fibrocystic lumps as well as saline leakage in the lower quadrant of my left breast. They can not visual see the leak and no rupture. Implants were put in 1985. The radiologist report says neg BI_RADS CAt 1 (neg.) can I have the implant and the cysts removed as well as having a new implant put in?

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Depends on the cyst size

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You can have implant replacement and cyst removal at the same time. Most cysts can be left alone or needle aspirated. Your radiologist and plastic surgeeon should discuss your case and offer the best treatment plan for you.

Exchanging implants and removing lumps

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Fibrocystic lumps are benign (non-cancerous), so if you wanted to have two fibrocystic masses removed at the time of implant exchange you could ask your plastic surgeon to do both. If there was any concern for malignancy then  you would want to get that worked up first, but from your description is does not sound like that is the case. As far as leaking of a saline implant, the fluid tends to get absorbed by your body. It is not surprising to have a leak in 26 year old implants. If you do in fact have a leak, I would recommend getting the implants exchanged sooner rather than later to avoid any further problems. I recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon for this type of procedure. Good luck!


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You can do that which you have suggested. The question is how will things look afterward. That depends upon how much breast tissue you have and what the status of your implants and implant capsules might be.


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Fibrocystic lumps and saline implant leakage

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Leakage of saline is generally not visualized on imaging studies, as the saline (salt water) is reabsorbed over time by the body.  In any case, your best option is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, so that you can be evaluated and can discuss your treatment options.

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Should not be a problem

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Most plastic surgeons are trained in general surgery also and could do both procedures at the same time.  Just schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon that you are comfortable with and let them explain your options.

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