Can my loose facial skin be tightened by using somekind of facelift method?

My facial skin became loose and weird 3 years ago when a doctor did a microneedling for me with 1,5mm needles and pescribed me Avitcid 0,025% tretinoin cream. I used it 3 months as he told me to. Anti-aging treatment became fast-aging. Pics tell more that 1000 words how I feel. Now is time me to heal myself. What kind of options are there for me? (No fillers) Could you please recommend me a good facial plastic surgeon who could help me? Cost don't matter. As long as I can get my face back.

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There is no nonsurgical way to tighten skin.

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In spite of what you may have heard any significant excess of skin can only be dealt with by surgical removal. Nonsurgical treatment you've endured predictably would not solve your problem.

Facelift for skin wrinkling and poor skin texture

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Hello and thank you for your question.

It is really difficult to tell from your information and photos exactly what you need, and this is generally true for most online questions. Usually, the best we can do is give you Plastic Surgery Specialist general guidelines, and then recommend a face-to-face consultation with a Plastic Surgeon so that he can adequately assess your physical situation as well as listen to, and assess your requirements. Then he is far better placed to discuss with you your options for treatment.

As a rough guide for you to understand your options:
A facelift will address your wrinkly, sagging features of your face. It will not address the texture or condition of your skin. That needs to be addressed by options like Lasers. Fillers are there to improve the areas that require filling or adding volume.

You can see why this type of consult is highly individualised for each patient- because the combination of those factors is different for every patient.

Best wishes in your search.

Unhappy with skin after microneedling

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Your photos are not enough for me to give you an answer.
There does appear to be scarring with hyperpigmentation.

Find a plastic surgeon or dermatologist near you and have him evaluate your skin as to the best treatment - Best wishes.

Microneedling Complication Treatment

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Without comparing your before pictures and examining you it would appear from your photos that you have scaring from the needle punctures - is that true? If so, lasers are probably your best option to both tighten the skin and minimize your scarring. A facelift removes redundant skin but doesn't change the characteristics of what is left behind. 

Facelift for Facial Wrinkles

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Your pictures do not show your facial features fully and I can not comment specifically about your facial wrinkles. But in general, a standard facelift will help the wrinkles of the mid and lower face, with the exception of the wrinkles of the lips. Forehead lifts and blepharoplasty can help with the forehead and eyelid wrinkles. Prevention of wrinkles on the face includes sunscreen use and avoidance of tobacco products. I am sorry that the injections you had seemed worsen your facial appearance. All procedures have risks, and I recommend you ask your surgeon before any future procedures.

Temp Patterson, MD
Burley Facial Plastic Surgeon

Loose skin

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Unfortunately, your photos are not of enough quality to determine anything. You would need an examination for recommendations.

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