How long after lateral brow lift does bumping your head on the scar have a possibility to rip the sutures?

I bumped my head right on the scar today exactly two weeks after the procedure, I seem to be extremely unlucky these days when Im meant to not bump it. It was painful and I feel warm and tender not just on the scar but the whole way down to the eyebrow, but cant see any visual changes. Since Im a very clumsy person; how long is it till I can bump my head safely without being afraid something might happen to the internal sutures?

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Thank you for your question. The sooner you bump your head after surgery, and the harder you bump your head, the more likely the damage. If you have not felt any pain with a minor bump, then it may not be a concern, however, it is never bad to ensure you have not created any long lasting damage so I suggest you consult with your surgeon.Best wishes,

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