Forgot I can't do heavy lifting. Could this activity still have damaged my healing process some way?

I had a lateral brow lift ten days ago and today I forgot I couldnt do heavy lifting and went back and forth from the car several times carrying as much as I could like laptops, bags of food etc, very heavy things. I felt fine while carrying I didnt feel my blood pressure really rising, didnt feel any pain or discomfort. Could this activity still have damaged my healing process some way?

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Brow lift post-op care reminders

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HI Ariel,

The prohibition on lifting heavy things after brow lift surgery is typically for a week after the procedure. Since you had your surgery over 10 days ago and have not reported elevated blood pressure and bleeding, you should be okay. Fortunately, you don’t appear to have suffered any of the other problems others experience after undergoing a brow lift like numbness (can last 4-6 weeks post-surgery but up to 6 months to fully disappear) and discoloration.

You should continue to follow your doctor’s post-op care guidelines: Avoid hitting/bumping your face and brow; not picking up small kids; sleeping with the head elevated off the bed for 1-2 weeks after surgery; avoid straining during bowel elimination (a laxative will be helpful + proper diet, plenty of water and walking); no smoking during recovery; no sun exposure for 3 months; and lastly, avoid drinking alcohol for the first few weeks after surgery. Remember, BE PATIENT during the healing process. The best patient is an informed patient, so do not hesitate to seek answers to your questions

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Brow Lift

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Thank you for your question. Heavy lifting can be problematic by raising your heart rate, which increases blood flow, and can cause stress to your area of surgery. As long as you did not feel additional discomfort or notice any swelling or bruising, you should be fine. It is always best to double check that you have not created any significant damage by consulting with your surgeon.
Best wishes,

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Activity after Brow Lift Surgery

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Ideally heavy lifting or strenuous activity should not be performed until all of your bruising and swelling is resolved and until cleared by your doctor. However, after a lateral brow lift, as long as you have not had any increase in swelling, bruising, pain, or any appearance change you should be fine. 

Heavy lifting following Brow Lift

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Hello.  Thank you for your question.  It is always important to follow your surgeon's instructions during the postoperative period.  Having said that, I think it is very unlikely that you did any harm by doing the activities that you have described 10 days following a brow lift.  As long as you did not experience any unusual pain, discomfort, or swelling, I think you are fine.  If you have any specific concerns, I would strongly encourage you to address them with your surgeon.  Best of luck to you in your recovery.

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