Why don't I have tape on the tip of my nose after rhinoplasty?

I had an open rhinoplasty 3 days ago. This was my 2nd time having my nose fixed (last time was 2,5 years ago). Back then I had tape on the tip of my nose covering the stitches + tape and cast on the bridge. But now I don't have any kind of tape on the tip of my nose although the surgery was a lot bigger than last time. The surgery in 2012 was more like septoplasty, and this one was to shorten my nose, so the doctor shaved down the bone + shortened and lifted up the tip of my nose.

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No tape and cast on nose after rhinoplasty

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I think that the practice of using splint and nasal packing after surgery is more of a preference and belief by the surgeon. I currently avoid any splint, packing, or even taping if there is no mobile graft or structure and no immediate post op bleeding. In my experience, I found no significant difference in the outcome  between using a splint and not using one for most rhinoplasty procedures.

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