Can a second BBL fix a deformation from a previous BBL?

After my BBL, I got a large area full of hard lumps in one buttock. The lumps are deep. Not in the soft fatty part of the buttock, but in the hard part under the fat. Is that the muscle? After a while, I got a big dent over this lumpy area. I guess the fat died there? The fat is now soft where the dent is, no swelling for a long time, but the hard lumps are still unchanged. If I get a new BBL to fill the dent, will the fat die again? Do I now have scar tissue that will ruin a second BBL?

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Can a second BBL fix a deformation from a previous BBL?

These revision surgeries after previous BBL and fat necrosis can prove challenging.  The depth of fat necrosis as well as the amount will determine success to some extent. 

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