I Had a Central Incisional Hernia Repair Done on 5/29 Using Biologic Mesh. Seroma Drains But Still Have Fluid?

This was done by a pair of physicians, general and plastics. 10 weeks later a large seroma developed in upper portion of the abdomen. The plastics md did additional surgery to that area to drain and put in 2 JP drains that remained in for about 2 1/2 weeks. In the past week I have noticed that there is fluid I my lower abdomen, when I touch the lower abd the upper area fluctuates liked water bed mattress as well as the lower abd doing the same. Upper abd fills with fluid when lower is pushed.

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Your story makes it sound most likely that you have another seroma. A visit to one of your surgeons is in order.

Options will include

  • Aspiration--needle drainage
  • Placement of a drain
  • Sclerosis--instillation of a fluid (betadine, tetracyline, alcohol, others) to encourage the seroma cavity to collapse and heal to itself ending the drainage. 

Sorry to hear about these problems, but it's time to work on resolution. Thanks for the question, best wishes.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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