Finished "Sapphire Crystal" Braces; Should I Try Invisalign?

I finished my sapphire crystal braces treatment August 2009. My teeth were pretty straight, but one of my teeth was still slightly crooked, positioned higher up than the other incisor. My teeth's alignment was straight, but their position in my gums was crooked. I repeatedly asked my orthodontist to fix it, but he ignored my concerns and told me to continue through the treatment. I received my retainers 4 WEEKS AFTER the removal of my braces. By then, my teeth had shifted. I've worn my retainers but my teeth aren’t straight anymore. Will Invisalign help my teeth become perfectly straight?

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Extrusion is difficult for Invisalign

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While Invisalign can do many things, but certain things are hard.  Severe rotations and extrusions, while not impossible, are easier and more predictable with brackets.

If you get everything mostly straight, you may want to consider a laser for evening out the gums.

Yes Invisalign will correct your teeth...

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By the looks of your photo it is clear that Invisalign will work for you. Also you should get enamelplasty to remove the imperfections along the edges of your teeth to make them look straighter before or after invisalign.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign or Braces Again?

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I can't speak specifically regarding your case as I don't have the opportunity to see your "before and after" treatment results but it is RARE that Invisalign can accomplish something that braces could not.  By looking at your picture, I would guess that your chief complaint is the upper left lateral incisor (on your left side) which is rotated and slightly higher than the other incisors.  This tooth CANNOT be easily extruded with Invisalign.  The tooth, if straightened with Invisalign, will likely look straight but the gum tissue will remain high and the edge will be shorter than the others. 

I am surprised you had to wait 4 weeks for retainers to be delivered.  We give them the day after braces are removed to minimize the chance of teeth shifting.

If you do go forward with some form of treatment, ask about a retainer on the top which can be glued behind your teeth.  It's called a "bonded retainer" and will hold the vertical changes better and minimize further relapse. 

Todd Barnett, DMD
Akron Orthodontist

Speak with your orthodontist

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I think that it is best if you speak with your orthodontist who did the treatment on you. Fixed brackets are going to be faster at aligning and leveling your teeth, especially for the extrusive movement that you are talking about. Invisalign is an option but it will take longer than clear fixed braces, like sapphire crystal. 

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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