Best Surgeon for Reconstructive Surgery?

I have had a difficlt plastic surgery, becouse l had my first surgery when l was 1 year old, to remove the hemangioma l was born with. What would be the best techiques, for my case and what kind of surgeons shold l look for? Do l need a facial plastic surgeon, a specialist in maxillo - facial surgery or a cranio - facial surgeon? And finally, can l expect any real improvement or to have normal apparence ? Thank you very muuch for yor precious time

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Multidisciplinary Approach to Facial Reconstruction

With an extensive past surgical history and complex problem, it may be beneficial to seek the opinion of an oculoplastics specialist as most of your reconstructive needs lie in the periocular area.  In addition, seeking consultation of a facial plastic surgeon who is trained in oral and maxillofacial surgery or ENT would also be helpful and could work in conjunction with the oculoplastic surgeon to obtain the best results.  It is possible that a series of surgeries may be necessary until the desired result is obtained.  

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Reconstruction after Hemangioma Removal

Much of your post-surgical scarring and asymmetry is periocular in nature. This includes the in-turning left eye, sunken left eye, eyelid abnormalities, and periocular scars. It would make sense to a see a surgeon well versed in this complex anatomy. An oculoplastics surgeon would be well suited to address the majority of your issues and then can work with plastic surgery or other colleagues as needed.

Carlo Rob Bernardino, MD
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Reconstructive surgery for facial hemangioma resection

All reconstructive surgeons viewing your photo will offer heartfelt interest in improving your situation.  However, although improvement can be achieved, "normal" appearance is not possible because of several factors.  The surgical denervation of overlying soft tissue from the hemangioma resection resulted in restricted growth of your orbital and malar (cheek) structure.  Correction requires the expertise of a craniofacial specialist.  Your soft tissue compartments show atrophy of fat pockets and irregular skin texture that I assume is from skin grafting.  Complex techniques are required, nothing short of a partial facial transplant, to restore tissues as close to "normal" as possible, but even then, this will not be "normal".  Because of the extensive surgery, risks, and costs involved, you may want to consider professional prosthetics as a alternate solution. 

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You will need evaluation by a cranio-facial Plastic Surgeon, You will need also a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON , (Could be the same surgeon), who also does Cosmetic Surgery.

You may need multiple surgical procedures and hopefully you will achieve what you desire.

Choosing the right surgeon is critical.

There are many centers here in U.S. That will be able to help.

Samir Shureih, MD
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Best surgeon for you

I recommend you visit with a board certified plastic surgeon who has a fellowship in craniofacial surgery.  

C. Bob Basu, MD, FACS
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