How Can I Find the Right Dentist Here in Tucson? I am Having No Luck.

my teeth sre so bad in the front and the horrible dentist i went to wants to put a bridge. i dont want a bridge. i want implants. everyone i know who has a bridge has bad experience. they fall out break etc. i have 2 poorly capped molars that are so painful. i wanna get those implanted. i cant afford to get every tooth fixed with a root conal and cap. might as well get them all implanted. i cant chew with any of my teeth with out being in severe pain.i need work done asap. please help me.

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A specialist may be the answer

I'm sorry that  you are having the problems that you are having.  There are two specialites in dentistry that place dental implants, periodontists and oral surgeons. Periodontists commonly do full mouth examinations and can make recommendations regarding total care. I am a periodontist myself.

The implant restoration often benefits from a team approach. The periodontist/oral surgeon does extractions and places implants and the restorative dentist places the teeth on the implants. It's an approach that is common and works very well.  The periodontist/oral surgeon knows who the dentists are that are qualified to restore dental implants as the specialist is in contact with many dentists and knows the work that they should do.

So I would find the specialist first. Two well-known periodontists in Tucson are Drs. Burton and William Becker.

Hope this helps.

Melbourne Dentist
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Finding the right dentist for you.

This is not that easy-specially if you really care about finding a good honest, ethical, and technically proficient dentist. Many times these doctors are a bit more expensive because they see less volume of patients and do better work.

You should ask other professionals in your area: Physicians, CPAs, nurses, co-workers, etc. for recommendations. If you have insurance, do not limit yourself to the list of dentist that participate in the plan. Some of the best dentists I know do not participate "in-network", however they will file the claims as "out-of-network" and you can still get some insurance coverage.

Call around some Periodontists (gum specialist) and oral surgeons offices and ask them who they would recommend as a general dentist or who they use themselves.

Look up or call the following institutions: Academy of General Dentistry, Pankey Institute for higher dental education, Spear Education or Spear Study club(this one is in Scottsdale but there are clubs everywhere), Seattle Study club (again there are clubs everywhere) to see if they can recommend any area doctors. These institutions are known for excellent continnuing education and generally attrack good dentists who care about constantly improving their practice and techniques.

DO NOT pick a dentist based on an advertisement or website.

Finally, make sure you check with your state dep of health to make sure their license is in good standing.

Hope this helps

Dr. T

Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

Ask the right person for the referral

You are very fortunate to live in Tucson, because one of the best specialists is also there.  Contact Dr. Brien Harvey and ask this question of him.  He is a periodontist - specializing in implants, so he knows who all the good dentists are.  Good luck!  You can trust Dr. Harvey to give you the straight story.

Steve Carstensen, DDS
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