Where Can I Find a Teaching Hospital That Offers Otoplasty, a Medical School or ENT Clinic?

Hi, I am having a tough time finding teaching hospitals near me (Indiana) that offer otoplasty. A doctor from NY advised me to seek a medical school or ENT clinic as some offer a reduced fee (no surgeon fee) and only anesthesia and hospital costs. If anyone has done a residency that did offer services as stated in their hospital or know assistance programs, if you could please help me out. I can go to any hospital around (Ohio, Illinois, or Indiana) Thanks Again!

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Please be cautious when seeking affordable otoplasty or other facial plastic surgery

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There are certain institutions that offer a reduced surgical fee if you undergo surgery by a trainee in plastic surgery. However, the trade off is that you are undergoing surgery performed by a less experienced surgeon. This might work out just fine but certainly the more experience your surgeon has the greater your chances of having a great outcome. Buyer beware. I hope this is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Head & Neck Surgery

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Bloomington, ID is the place you should check for your medical school at the University of Indiana with Head & Neck Surgeons who are also Boarded in Facial Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery.

Looking up Teaching Hospitals in your area

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Use the internet. first look up the names of the major universities in your area. Then look up "Department of Plastic Surgery at University of ______) fill in blank.

Discount Otoplasty- Worth It?

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Beware of having otoplasty performed by a less than experienced surgeon.  Once changes are made to the ear, some of them are irreversible.  


As with any procedure in plastic surgery, you can not make it into a commodity.  Meaning, shopping for a television is okay on the internet, since the televisions are theoretically the same.  Shopping for a plastic surgery procedure is much more complex since every surgeon will have a different amount of individual talent, experience, and expertise in any given procedure.  Buy the best surgeon you can afford or wait till you can.  You will save more money doing it once right  than having it done twice by two different surgeons.

Anil R. Shah, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Finding Otoplasty Surgeon?

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I would suggest that you be very careful about your planned otoplasty procedure. There is no doubt, as in any other procedure, that the results of otoplasty surgery will depend on the technical abilities/experience of the surgeon. You may be better off waiting, saving, and having your procedure performed by the best otoplasty surgeon in your area.

Just some food for thought.

Best wishes.


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This is a very sophisticated surgical procedure and should not be trivialized.  You need to save your money and then find someone who has significant experience with the procedure. And not every plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon has this type of experience.  Remember, revision surgeries can be much more difficult so the surgery must be done right the first time. 

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