Tattoo Removal - Dermabrasion, Excision, Rejuvi or IPL?

I recently had a laser tattoo removal and it doesnt look like its going to be a speedy process.I really dont want to spend so much on a tattoo so little.So my question is what is the best between dermabrasion excision rejuvi or IPL.what works fastest and is the least expensive.also where do i find someone to do any of these things im having trouble looking online.My tattoo is 1x1 in and is outlined in black and is shaded in pinkish/ redish.

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Tattoo removal

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If the tattoo is in an area that can hide a surgical scar then it might make sense to have it removed but the scar will be longer than the size of the tattoo, and some people are prone to develop raised scars (hypertrophic scars, keloids) and this is more common in some typical areas of tattoo placement such as the upper outer arm. In general, tattoo removal is best done by leaving the least scar tissue by doing laser, not dermabrasion or IPL or excision.

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