How Do I Find a Surgeon to Do a Serial Excision of a Tattoo?

Looking for a surgeon to do a serial excision of tattoos on my inner forearms in Dallas,TX. Just need to know where to start looking and what to look for,(Trying to find a doc with previous experience) I've tried laser before and it didn't work and not looking to try it again. I can live with the scars just want to get this taken care of threw multiple surgery's. Thanks for the help.

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Before you consider a tattoo excision, I highly recommend verifying with your physician which laser he or she used, and what settings. Also, how many treatments did you have and what kind of results did you see? Most tattoos are able to be effectively removed with the right laser, at the right settings, for the right amount of treatments. I wouldn't resort to excision, especially on the forearm, without making sure you've exhausted your laser options first. I'd try consulting with your physician (or another) to explore what else you could do. 

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Serial excision or CO2/Erbium Laser vaporization of residual tattoo ink is possible if all Q-Swtiched lasers have failed.

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I have performed many serial excisions on tattoos before the Q-Swtiched lasers were invented.  If you have tried all the Q-Swtiched asers (1064nm, 755nm, 532nm and 694nm) and the tattoo is not improving, you do have the choice of excision or laser vaporization.  There are other treatments that also leave a scar that could be used.  I prefer laser vaporization of small areas of residual ink that will not respond to a Q-Switched laser.  If the Serial excision is also a reasonable choice. 

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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