How Do I Find a Surgeon in Greater Toronto Area Who is Experienced with Injectable Fillers to Treat Under Eye Hollow Circles.

Every office I've contacted has said:1)the surgeon will NOT meet with me in advance of the tx date to at least estimate the chance of good outcome OR 2) nurse/technician will do the injecting, which is ok for small injections (eg wrinkles) but for complete filling, the undereye is "unforgiving"(many risks if injector isn't an expert in anatomy of the area & not experienced with THIS tx). How can I find a surgeon who is experienced & willing to examine me before I book time off for this tx?

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Please don't let a nurse or technician do this service.

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Your instincts are correct.  These are bad offices you are calling.  Try the liquidfacelift website.  They have a listing of more experienced injectors.  Hopefully this will help you find the right injector.

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You should use the web to identify eyelid specialists (oculoplastic surgeons) in the area and call the offices.  I am sure they will evaluate you before proceeding.  Plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons and dermatologists should also be contacted and asked of they treat this area. 

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Given the unforgiving nature of this area including the risk of blindness I cannot believe a doctor would allow a nurse or technician to do it. Your instincts are correct do not go near these offices. You do not say if you are requesting a free initial consultation. Offer to pay for the office visit if the doctor does not inject or you do not like the doctor. That way you could go in, see the doctor, and if everyone is happy have the injection all on the same day.

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