Can I Find out Which Size Implant Was Really Put in my Breasts?

My Breast look smaller than the implants i tried in my dr. office, could it be that he implanted smaller ones than the one i requested? if so is there way i could find out i requested silicone 360gr but they look small now that swelling has gone down

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Find Out Size of Your Breast Implants with Formal Request to Doctor

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Thank you for your question.

Call your doctor's office and request your operative note and the card that came with your breast implants.

This card should have been given to you and would describe the size, shape, type and serial number of your breast implants.

If you do not receive this information make a formal request in writing to the doctor.

You should know the size and serial number of each implant.

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Yes, you should have been given records of the size, style and implant serial number for each implant. Your surgeon or the surgery center can provide this for you.


It is not uncommon for the final result to appear a bit smaller than what was tried in a bra preoperatively. Your tissue compresses the implant more than the bra and reduces the projection of the implant. You also saw the breasts with swelling and got accustomed to that look so the reduction of swelling was probably a disappointment.


Discuss your concerns with your surgeon so he/she is aware.  

Finding out the size of your breast implants size

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The answer is yes I actually give the patient a card at the end of surgery that has all the information of the implants including the serial numbers and size of the implants. You can ask to see it it should be in your chart.


Good luck

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