Doctor Recommendation for Body Lift Consultation in Massachusetts

I Need to Find out if the Result of my Circumferential Body Lift is the Best Possible. I had a circumferential body lift with fleur-de-lis and am very disappointed in the result. I don't feel it is what I was promised. I'm looking for a surgeon experienced in that procedure to find out if this really is the best outcome or if I have good reason to feel cheated. If it's the latter, I want to know what can be done now to make it better. Basically, how can I find someone in the Northeast that I can trust to have a consultation with?

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Finding a surgeon

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To find an experienced plastic surgeon, I would start on the ASPS website and then do some more research. You need someone who can show you examples of their work and hopefully speak to other patients.  You will have lots of surgeons to choose from in your area.

Finding a surgeon for a second opinion

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There are certainly plenty of talented surgeons in Massachusetts and the Northeast!

You may want to seek a consultation at one of the great university hospitals (Mass General, Brigham, UMass) in MA that have well known plastic surgery programs.

Alternatively, use the ASAPS "find a surgeon" feature on their website, and look for someone who does a lot of MWL surgery.


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