Looking For Reconstructive Doctor to Suspend the Orbicularis Oris from the Boney Part of my Nasal Septum?

When younger I fell off of a concrete barge causing damage to my lip & nose. Since then my lip has drooped. Lip lifts are not supported by soft part of the nasal septum. As is observable, it cannot adequately support the tension of the skin after its resected. It results in tension on the columella too which creates a 2nd defect. I need a dr who has technical experience w/this. Ideas? Do clients or drs know a good dr for this?

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Lip reconstruction with modified rhinoplasty

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This is an interesting problem.  My recommendation would be to find a doctor who does a lot of revision work in your area.  It is hard to make specific comments or recommendations without a picture or exam.  In the midwest I could recommend Dean Toriumi in Chicago.  East coast, Patrick Byrne in Baltimore.   South, Yadro Ducic in Dallas/Ft. Worth area or Texas.  West coast, Corey Maas.

Good luck

Dr. Chase Lay

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