How to Qualify for a Clinical Study for Stem Cell Breast Augmentation?

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Fat grafting to breast clinical studies

I am currently an investigator in the fat graft breast augmentation trial using the BRAVA device for pre-operative skin expansion. There are some exclusion criteria that are unique to the study- the most important being that active smokers are not permitted to participate.

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The is no clinical trial for the stem cell

You can check the site  and search under fat grafting breast for the ongoing clinical trials. There are three active trials and none involve the stem cell since the FDA clearance pending

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clinical study for stem cell breast augmentation

You can find a PS doing Stem Cell Breast Enhancement but if you want a clinical study operation in order to avoid a fee that may be non existent. I'm doing Stem Cell Activated FaT (SCAFT grafts) with Body Jet Lipo Fat transfer techniques. From MIAMI Dr. B

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