How Can I Find a Good Doctor for Turbinate Reduction? (photo)

I've had nasal airway congestion since many years. Attached is a screenshot of what it looked like before the surgeries. Surgery #1: General sinusitis surgery, nothing done to the turbinates. 2: RF Coblation, no improvement. 3: SMR, no improvement. 4: SMR, minor improvement. I've read a lot of research on turbinate reduction. How can I find a great doctor who cares about me and who knows how to fix this and related allergy issues? I'm looking at "best doctor" lists, vitals and ratemd reviews.

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Good turbinate doctor

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First of all get of the internet lines. They are all phony with anonymous people criticizing everyone and office staff writing glowing reviews for their doctor. Call your local hospital for 3 doctors..See each and go with the one who gives you confidence..It's a turbinectomy not brain surgery.

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