Where to Find Functional Orthodontist? (photo)

I am trying to find a good functional orthodontist in my area (Durham, North Carolina). I had braces five years ago with four incisors extracted for the process. Now I am unhappy with my face for my cheeks appear sunken in (lines forming around my mouth, I am only 20). My smile is short with gum showing. I heard functional orthodontist can expand my jaw and put the teeth back with implants. Please help me identify some functional orthodontists I can go to in the area (NC or neighboring states)

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Functional orthodontists

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I would suggest contacting a national group called Las Vegas Institute (LVI) for referral to a nueromuscular dentist/orthodontist in your area to help you as they are very into the function and can help you prevent TMJ/muscle pain from the unideal relationships caused by missing teeth and they believe in using implants to help resore occlussion and give you a beautiful smile with good facial support.

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